On May 1st, the European project titled CoMPaSS-NMD, an acronym for Computational Models for new Patients Stratification Strategies of Neuromuscular Disorders, has officially started.

The project will last 4 years under the coordination of the italian University of Modena and Reggio Emilia. The aim is to develop new tools for diagnosing, monitoring and treating patients with Neuromuscular Diseases in a more accurate and personalised way. To achieve this goal, clinical, genetic and histopathological data, as well as those derived from MRI scans, provided by members of the CoMPaSS Consortium, will be processed by advanced clustering techniques to identify group of patients with similar clinical characteristics.

Moreover, the project will implement novel techniques, which are also based on machine learning and on new descriptors specific to Neuromuscular Disorders, for better and faster analysing the histopathological images.

One of the main outcomes of the project will be the CoMPaSS-NMD Atlas Platform, an application based on artificial intelligence that will provide accurate clinical characterization and diagnosis. The data collected and analysed will be made publicly available for researchers and healthcare professionals to use.

Additionally, the project will generate recommendations and guidelines for managing patients, which will improve the standard of care for diagnosis, prognosis, and the planning of clinical trials.

Meet the partners of the CoMPaSS-NMD Consortium!