A rich agenda for the “AI in Healthcare” networking event, organised by FAITH project on 16th November afternoon.

Experts from several European countries met in the wonderful frame of Villa Palestro in Rome to address together and share their point of views on some open questions: How should artificial intelligence (AI) applications be introduced in the healthcare domain? What are the challenges faced so far, and what has been overlooked?

Everyone agrees that the common feelings when one try to move AI from research lab to the medical doctor desk are scepticism, resistance, and a sort of mistrust. Thus, an asset could be working in close collaboration with clinicians and patients’ associations.

According to Daniele Baranzini from Haikai, an AI-focused italian company, the problem could be represented by the so called “AI flyover effect: the tendency to focus with the end user on AI model performance, cross-generalization or explainability favoring an AI description of the model, rather than its actual usefulness and implementation in a business case”.

Another challenge is represented by the sharing of patient data between the centers involved which faces obstacles in terms of ethics and liability.

These and many other aspects have been discussed by the participants.

On behalf of CoMPaSS-NMD, Stefano Bonelli from Deep Blue presented AI for diagnosis of #NeuromuscularDiseases.

Speakers and topics:
▪ Giuseppe Frau, from Deep Blue: FAITH project: AI for assessing risk of mental depression in cancer survivors.
▪ Lucia Sacchi, from Università degli Studi di Pavia: CAPABLE Project AI coaching system for cancer patients.
▪ Daniele Baranzini, from Haikai: Optimization of cognitive assessment in Parkinsonisms b applying artificial intelligence to a comprehensive screening test.
▪ Cosimo Savoia, from Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore in Rome: A scoping review of the current landscape of AI-based applications in clinical trials.
▪ Elena Martinelli, Fondazione IRCCS Istituto Nazionale dei Tumori di Milano: Big Data for Quality of Life – Living after Head and Neck Cancer: Monitor, Involve, Empower
▪ Paola Lanzi, from Deep Blue: Ethical and legal considerations of AI: what challenges in healthcare?
▪ Stefano Bonelli, from Deep Blue: COMPASS-NMD AI for diagnosis of Neuromuscular Diseases.