Artificial Intelligence supports healthcare professionals and patients on their path to curing diseases and improving health.

The interpretation of complex scenarios is facilitated by artificial intelligence platforms that share knowledge, shedding light on rare or little-known diseases, while preserving patient privacy.
Knowledge derived from data helps doctors make decisions to treat patients and ensure a better quality of life.

But, what are the main challenges that the Healthcare sector faces when systems based on artificial intelligence algorithms enter hospital facilities?

We will try to answer this and other questions next Tuesday, 16th January, on the second day of the CoMPaSS-NMD General Assembly, hosted by Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München.
We will start from the successful experience of ASCAPE H2020, an Horizon 2020 project that uses Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to support cancer patients by improving their quality of life and health status.

At 9:30 CoMPaSS–NMD will meet the ASCAPE coordinator, John Avramidis from UBITECH, a software house, systems integrator, and technology provider based in Greece.
Two round tables will follow:
11:00 – Data collection and computation models, led by Joanna Polanska (Politechnika Śląska)

12:00 – AI developments, led by Marcello Paolo Scipioni (Fincons Group)