How can CoMPaSS-NMD research help?

The present study involves the collection of clinical data, from muscle MRI (on clinical indication), muscle biopsy (on clinical indication) and DNA analysis. For each participating subject, the samples, collected with standardized methodologies, will be analyzed with the most sophisticated and advanced artificial intelligence computational techniques which will integrate them to try to obtain a [...]

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What is the routine care approach for the treatment of HMND?

Hereditary neuromuscular diseases are genetic and inherited diseases that cause progressive weakness and reduction of muscles, affecting the degree of mobility. Although it is difficult to predict how the disease will progress in the affected person, a progressive reduction in the ability to carry out certain movements is often observed and, in the long [...]

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Can genetic testing help?

Medical genetic testing is often an important part of the diagnostic work-up (approximately 80% of rare diseases are genetic). Knowing the underlying genetic cause may make you eligible for certain research opportunities or clinical trials. 

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